So am I a preacher or a believer?! Is there a difference between them?

We are siting around the dinner table tonight talking about the situation around the world and one of us is advocating that it the change we are hoping for the world will take long to happen, because it takes time to change the mindset of people. And that the place to start it is at corporations, because they have the money and the power.

Which I agree with, and I would complement saying that for it to change it also takes us to believe that in each person – be they from whatever institution, place or belief system, more or less “conscious of things” – are holding the same fundamental questions about life that I am asking myself, at one level or another. Because the same spark that sparks in me, that “speaks to me” also speaks to them. The thing being to find what entrance, what entry door to use to make that spark to shine and come alive. To find that sweet spot where to meet and to be common. Surely here in California we are standing on the most progressive part of the US, maybe one of the most progressive parts of the world. Surely in mid west US there are lots of people who think and live very different from most of people here, but I can guarantee that there will always be one thing, something that will bring one person from each region to meet and to find out that down the line they might be holding the same questions and wishes for their lives. It may be manifested differently, with another language, in other terms, but the essence is the same.

Cultivating the ability to find these points of entrance and meeting, is, in my opinion what will help to create change in the world. And I want to trust that it will not take generations or governments or corporations to do it, as long as I am continuously exercising and practicing it with genuine intention and pure heart commitment to this trust.