So am I a preacher or a believer?! Is there a difference between them?

We are siting around the dinner table tonight talking about the situation around the world and one of us is advocating that it the change we are hoping for the world will take long to happen, because it takes time to change the mindset of people. And that the place to start it is at corporations, because they have the money and the power.

Which I agree with, and I would complement saying that for it to change it also takes us to believe that in each person – be they from whatever institution, place or belief system, more or less “conscious of things” – are holding the same fundamental questions about life that I am asking myself, at one level or another. Because the same spark that sparks in me, that “speaks to me” also speaks to them. The thing being to find what entrance, what entry door to use to make that spark to shine and come alive. To find that sweet spot where to meet and to be common. Surely here in California we are standing on the most progressive part of the US, maybe one of the most progressive parts of the world. Surely in mid west US there are lots of people who think and live very different from most of people here, but I can guarantee that there will always be one thing, something that will bring one person from each region to meet and to find out that down the line they might be holding the same questions and wishes for their lives. It may be manifested differently, with another language, in other terms, but the essence is the same.

Cultivating the ability to find these points of entrance and meeting, is, in my opinion what will help to create change in the world. And I want to trust that it will not take generations or governments or corporations to do it, as long as I am continuously exercising and practicing it with genuine intention and pure heart commitment to this trust.


Here is San Francisco things are happening. It is amazing to feel it through my body. As I am walking around the streets, these waves of nausea and strong strong energy come rushing through me. It is not always a good feeling and it makes me feel sick. But it is a sign, a very strong sign that things are moving here. The Earth is moving here. The people are moving (and a lot) here. Ideas, projects, initiatives are being born, gaining life, reaching the world, becoming big, and also dying here. There were many people who died on this land – the indigenous people have been massacred here in order for “the progress” to come. But they are still here, their spirits are protecting and tending this place, and its people.

The Golden Gate is the place where you want to cross. From immemorial times to our times, we’ve been all wanting to cross the gate of fame, success and outreach. Outreach of our ideas, of our voice, of our power. This is a place that make it possible. It is not all easy to arrive here. The Gate and the Bay marks its distinctions, and select the ships that can arrive – it has been doing it for ages. And once you are here, the gates will keep on showing up to you, as landmarks of where you are on the journey. Your journey to becoming you and all that which you can beCOME.

Here the Spirit meets Technology, to make the future come to being. What we ever dream possible to exist and become what we believe it can become. How many things have started here – small, little, out of a spark of energy, enthusiasm, love, passion, and have become what we know life to be??? Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mountain Bikes, Janis Joplin, Woodstock…

As I am walking on the streets and meeting the different people and projects I see it all happening. All the other things that have the potential to becoming life as we know it: The Hub, California Institute of Integral Studies, Wholefoods and so on*. They too are pointing to the unfolding of a new era, an era of connections, of humaness and possibilities.

* Obs: which are institutions, that have their share of things to keep on evolving and ameliorating, as I myself would point out, and be also critical about, was I want them to grow and keep o serving their purpose.

This past week I was in Ytter Jarna, Sweden, where the Youth Initiative Program takes place. The Program is a brilliant initiative that brings together 40 young people (18-25) for a year to live together in this Antroposophic community and learn about what you can call social entrepreneurship. Yet what they are really learning is about themselves, their dreams, their quests and them in relation to the world.

And I was there to contribute to their process. Helping them to identify their most burning idea or question and make it to be a project which they can pursue during this coming year and after. Together we walked the Chaordic Stepping Stones and moved from an idea to a need, a purpose, guiding principles, people, concept, limiting beliefs, structure and practice. A journey not so easy when you start, but rather gratifying when you finish and have the feeling the heavy cloud above your head has come down to Earth and is written down on a piece of paper.

To see the Harvesting of their experience check: YIP participant’s website

Lately I’ve been intrigued about how great ideas come to exist in our systems… I’ve been specifically looking for a great idea! An idea that would compel me to be involved, to create, to study and to see it grow and evolve.

I still can’t really know what it would be about exactly, but it is something that combines different areas of knowledge on the fields of social media, creativity, arts, hosting and facilitation, group dynamics and social change.

I first came to Holland in January this year. The purpose of my stay was to visit my friend Tatiana Glad and to take part in the ALIA Europe. During my stay I was drowned in to  Hub world being Tatiana is one of the founders of the Hub Amsterdam. As I had always been a member at the Hub Sao Paulo and in my recent travels visited different Hubs in the world, I was interested to hear the different projects and initiatives that were taking place there. It was then she mentioned the Summer School, an initiative which had been pulled off by one of the members and close friend of the Hub in 2009 to creatively address the challenge of little occupancy of the spaces of the Hub during Summer time.

The idea of addressing learning as a thing in itself which can be fostered and promoted within the Hub community rapidly attracted and triggered me. I then realized that learning was one other pillar that needed to be strengthened when building and nurturing the Hub Community. Members have an immense knowledge and know-how in their specific areas of interest and work, and also have needs for specific learning in certain domains which would help them to grow and expand their business and social impact.

The idea of taking the Summer School initiative further and make it into a Learning Festival, where not only workshops would be offered, but also artistic performances, talks, invitations to collaborate and more, started inhabiting my mind and would not let me…

I then endeavored, together with Marieke Van der Velden, to design and conceptualize the project for this year’s Hub Summer School and to bring it to life.

Our first step was to create a Ning website which would host the Learning Community of the Summer School and that would serve as our online matrix where people could post the events they were hosting during summer. Our intention was to make sure people could connect with each other around their areas of interest and also to keep in touch before, during and after Summer School, functioning as a community that learns and grow together.

Our second step was to post Hub Summer School to Hub members and friends, so they could start framing and posting their offers for the Summer. We then set intentions of what themes, what areas, and what approaches we would like to have in the Programme. All along the Summer the registration kept open for people to post their event. This entailed a great amount of work of coaching and supporting people, on writing, pricing, marketing and encouraging from our team.

Behind the structure we had created a core principle was that of self-organization and shared responsibility. Which meant that events organizers were responsible for their own event from the inception to the realization. And that together with the Hub they had to market and promote Hub Summer School and their event.

In total 58 events took place throughout Summer and 362 people have become member of the Ning Community.

The initiative has had its second prototype and has even inspired Hub Sao Paulo to realize a 3-week Hub Winter School in July.

A pattern now is set and learning has become core to Hub activities along with other initiatives.

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